Venerdì 15 marzo J. Lamotta live al Chimica 40

Berlin based artist, J.Lamotta すずめ has been making music since she was 13 years old, when she
started singing and attending vocal technique classes. Lamotta has come a long way since
then, went through jazz, pop, soul and self-produced beat releases, to her latest endeavour,
Suzume, by Jakarta Records in (April 2019) together with a booklet that was written by her
and tells the story behind the title, among other personal thoughts.
Lamotta was born in Tel Aviv to a family of Moroccan descent, a thing that affects her
aesthetic and stylistic choices in a significant yet subtle fashion. She blends Lauryn Hill, J
Dilla, Marvin Gaye and Billie Holiday into her music whilst maintaining a unique voice in
today’s music. The intimate and personal expression have always been main elements in
Lamotta’s songs, instrumental or vocal, whether in solo or in band formation, and her lyrics
are always direct and elegant.
J.Lamotta has independently released four self-produced EPs: “Dedicated To” (2015),
“Grains of Sand” (2016), “Better Now” (2016) and “State of Being” (2017), and “Conscious
Tree” (2017 on Jakarta Records), which gained Lamotta a loving fan base in her hometown
Berlin and amongst the hip-hop RnB and soul music communities.
In September 2016 she formed her band called “The Dizzy Sparrow” to perform her music
live. “Suzume” is her first album with the band, due to be released in April 12th 2019 via
Jakarta Records (Germany) and distributed by P-VINE, Inc (Japan).
The release of “Conscious Tree” in Japan led to a tour in South Korea and Japan is summer
2018, which included a highlight concert in the renown jazz club Blue Note Tokyo.
Other main performances include Splash Festival in Germany, Stream Festival in Austria,
Casual Concert in the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester (Philharmonie in Berlin), and an
extended tour in Italy and Germany.

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